Indie wine

Simple software for small to medium sized wine distributors

What is indie wine?

Indie wine is software that lets wine distributors show their customers what they currently have in stock. Indie wine connects directly to your existing warehouse to keep tabs on what's in stock. Then it exposes that inventory through a custom or templated web page. It's a flexible system, but it doesn't have so many bells and whistles to avoid getting in the way of your business. If Provi and other large platforms lack the personal touch you want, indie wine will be exactly what you want.

Semi-bespoke wine software

If you're a wine distributor or importer then we'll happily customize our existing product to suit your needs. From superficial template changes to additional features and facets we'll work together to build the tools your business needs.

A straightforward customer view of live inventory

screenshot of customer view The site your customers see is a list of everything you have in inventory according to your warehouse's inventory management system. The site lists each item's price, region, grapes, style, and a label image. You can add as much detail as you want about each wine as you want, from region and grapes to long-winded descriptions and origin stories.

Ad-hoc tastings

tastings Select a few bottles you want a customer to have at hand during an in-person event. The unique, custom links you create for each tasting are permanent so your customers can refer back to them years later. If you spontaneously add a wine to the lineup, you can add it to the existing tasting post-hoc.

Automated inventory refreshing

The real advantage of the Indie Wine inventory display site is that it stays in sync with actually exists in the warehouse. Customers know just how much they can ask for. And they'll know when it's too late for them to place their city-flooding order.

Tangible backend

Behind it all is a Google sheet. When the app updates the inventory counts, they're dumped into a Google sheet you can edit, so you're in full control at all times and can edit any of the fields that are displayed on your site. That could mean discounting specific wines, editing the grapes or style, or even fully hiding a wine from public view.

Label finder

Finding label images for each wine you have in stock can be tedious and annoying. That's why indie wine includes a tool to help you search across the TTB label registry to find the label you're looking for without spending a ton a time clicking through your camera roll.